Newly-wed dies in hospital

Muscat: Yunis Al Eshaqi, a young Nizwa resident celebrating his recent marriage, was hospitalised last week when he suddenly suffered a sharp burst of pain in his head and fell unconscious.

Doctors at Nizwa Hospital diagnosed Yunis' condition as brain haemorrhage and ordered his immediate transfer to Royal Hospital or Sultan Qaboos University Hospital — his family told Times of Oman.

However, after sending Yunis' medical report to both hospitals, word was received that neither hospital had a bed available.
Yunis passed away on Sunday.

Meanwhile, his family members have demanded an enquiry into the matter.

"Yunis' case is one of many, in which nationals have passed away as a direct result of the lack of beds and poor equipment  in government hospitals," a relative claimed.

Oman is likely to face a shortage of nearly 8,900 specialised doctors and nurses by 2015, Minister of Health Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Saeedi said at a recent meeting hosted by Majlis Al Shura.


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