PSC Board to bear expenses of repatriating bodies

NEW INNINGS: The newly-elected PSC office-bearers include Saeed Khan (chairman), A.H. Raja and Mian Mohammed Munir (vice-chairmen), S.A.S. Bukhari (general secretary) and Mohammed Aslam Nawab (finance secretary).Pic: Supplied photo

Muscat: Newly-elected Board of Pakistan Social Club (PSC) took oath under the leadership of its new chairman, Saeed Khan, at an impressive ceremony at Pakistan School Muscat hall.

Nawabzada Aminullah Khan Raisani, Ambassador of Pakistan, was the chief guest. The oath was delivered by Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, deputy speaker of the Punjab Assembly, who was here on a private visit.

Saeed Khan said that with the support of all concerned, the club would bear the expenses of repatriating the bodies of Pakistanis who die in Oman.

He said the club would also help those in need of assistance, including those in hospitals, apart from helping in the payment of school fees of those students whose parents cannot afford to pay it themselves.


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