PACI plans drive to promote crafts

Muscat: The Public Authority for Craft Industries' (PACI) Board of Directors yesterday  held its second session this year under the chairpersonship of Sheikha Aisha bint Khalfan
Al Siyabiyah.

During the meeting, approval was given for a number of decisions to improve craftwork and performance and ensure sustainability of craft sector development programmes. Approval was also given for the draft minutes of the first meeting of the board and followed up on the implementation of the board's decisions.

The second session included briefing members of the board on the estimated budget for PACI in 2014, a summary of the annual plan for PACI for next year, and approving the formation of a work team to prepare a comprehensive overview of PACI's different sectors.

The second session also discussed follow-up action of the Joint Committee between PACI and the Ministry of Social Development. The authority seeks to launch programmes to promote the craft sector. It will launch a number of craft programmes in different governorates, with the aim of promoting the production of handicrafts.


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