Saudi lifts ban on Oman’s beef and mutton products

Muscat: The ban on the export of beef and mutton produced in the Sultanate, including refrigerated and frozen meat, to Saudi Arabia has been lifted.

The ban was instituted upon the recommendations of global health reports. The Saudi Arabian General Authority for Food and Drug Administration confirmed the lifting of the ban and a return to importing beef and mutton from the Sultanate.

According to the Saudi newspaper, the decision to lift the ban was recommended by the World Organisation for Animal Health, concerning the import of demineralised beef and sheep bones and lymph glands from countries that had gained control of the breakout of foot and mouth disease, which afflicts cattle.

In 2012, the Food and Drug Authority had issued a decision to impose a temporary ban on the import of beef and mutton of all types, including refrigerated, frozen, and canned, from
the Sultanate.

The decision was made because of the presence of foot and mouth disease in certain countries, which was confirmed by reports from competent global health authorities.


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