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Muscat: The Information Technology Authority (ITA) has started a new programme on application development based on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The programme, titled 'Oman Summer of Code', targets Omani students, researchers and enthusiasts to set up small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

The project aims to encourage application developers in general, and applications based on open source software in particular, to direct them to adapt to various work environments and also gain experience in a real work environment. It also provides an opportunity for the Omani youth to highlight their talents in application development and enrich the Omani market with national products, thus creating job opportunities for young people through self-employment and setting up small and medium size companies producing high quality national products.

The programme involves two competitions, the 'Oman Summer of Code' and 'Using GPS'. The applicants will be selected on the basis of certain criteria set by the project team to ensure the delivery of best applications.

Oman Summer of Code
The 'Oman Summer of Code' competition idea emanates from Google Summer of Programming and aims to develop applications based on FOSS. The participants will be using three main applications in their work, including ERP, EDMS, and CRM.

After the registration period, which concludes on August 3, the selected participants will be enrolled in a training session for one week on FOSS. During the three-month long implementation period granted to selected candidates, the participants will receive the support necessary to complete their projects.

The second competition focuses on developing mobile applications (Android App) and exploring the Omani talent in the field of GPS technology.

The selected applicants will receive optional training by participating in an intensive training course for three weeks for development of Android applications, especially for applications dealing with location-based services (LBS).

Besides the training opportunities and the prizes on offer, the participants will have the chance to open their company in Sas Programme and benefit from all the services provided by the programme including office space, specialised technical training in the field of administration, financial loans, and consultancy in the field of management and entrepreneurship.

For more information about Oman Summer of Code programme, visit: For registration, one can send an e-mail to


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