Don’t leave kids alone in water

Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged people to monitor children's activities to prevent incidents of drowning.

Parents need to check the depth of wadis before allowing their children to swim. Children should not be allowed to swim in muddy water as it makes search operations difficult in case of a mishap.

Do not leave the child alone in a tub of water; teach the child healthy and safe bathing habits and make them aware about the importance of safety.

Lack of parental concern for their children while swimming is one of the main reasons for drowning. It should be noted that outside their homes, they should prevent children from swimming in open wells and swamps.

Children must not be left alone and without supervision near swimming pools and toilets inside the houses.

ROP urges the public to report drowning incidents immediately and ask for help.
Onlookers who know how to swim can rescue drowning persons, but should not take any risk if the spot is a dangerous one.

Handle electricity with care

•    Unplug unused appliances and stow cords safely. Keep them out of the reach of children.

•    Appliances that generate heat such as clocks, televisions and computer monitors, should be given few inches of space all around for good air circulation and cooling.

•    Do not put covers or keep toys or other items over warm appliances.

•    Always follow the instructions carefully regarding the usage of appliances, and do not attempt amateur repairs or upgrades.

•    Keep all the electrical appliances away from water such as sinks, bathtubs, pools or overhead vents that may drip.

•    Do not operate any electrical appliance with wet hands or while standing in water.

•    Keep clothes, curtains, toys and other potentially combustible materials away from heaters and other heat sources.


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