Customer service week starts Dec2

Muscat: A three-day forum titled 'Customer Service Week in Oman' organised by the Global Centre for Quality and Productivity, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, will kick-off on December 2.

The forum will bring together a number of government officials and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the development of customer service in Oman.

The speakers will discuss the most important topics that help to overcome the obstacles and increase the efficiency of this important sector, and developing and applying the latest strategies in customer service in order to improve performance and better utilisation of effective customer service standards to increase excellence in quality of service for clients and support the efforts of the institutions that would contribute to the achievement of excellence in customer service.

The forum will review a number of case studies which focus on understanding the positive impact of excellence in customer service and its role in increasing the brand awareness. It is also one of the effective ways to increase customer loyalty in growing competitive market in the Sultanate.


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