Water woes continue for residents of Wadi Kabir

Muscat: Residents in some parts of the Wadi Kabir have been reportedly facing water problems for more than a week.

"While some houses don't have water at all, others have problem with the water flow pressure," said a resident of the area who claims to have been facing the problem for the past three weeks.

Besides homes, restaurants, schools and business houses have also been put at inconvenience due to the supply disruption.

A call centre official of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water said the water problem was due to the "low pressure in the big tank." He informed that the government was supplying water in Kuwaiti Mosque in Wadi Kabir.

Repair works are being carried out to solve the problem, it was learnt. The residents complained of water tanks "charging very high price" for the water. "It is expensive to buy water every day," a resident said. Some of the residents have been visiting relatives to have bath and cook. "It has been extremely inconvenient and we urge the authorities to rectify the problem as early as possible," said a resident who said he has not been having water for the last three days.


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Reader Comments

thank u very much for bringing this topic in the for the goverments comment on supplying water in the kuwaiti mosque,it is only for the mosque the general public cannot use that,so how is it helpfull?water tankers refuse to come to deliver water even after paying money.Moreover. the water supply problem in wadi kabir area (kuwaiti Mosque ) is become a menace as it happens twice or thrice every month.this is the second time it has happend in one month.Even on a regular basis also wadi kabir faces water supply cuts ,which never comes out in the print so the other public is unaware of what we go through each month ,"A Fear or Water Supply";water supply is cut out without prior notification of when its going to be cut and when it will be resumed.on calling up the PAEW,one gets to hear only "Inshallah it will come"..