Housing Ministry implements new national numbering system

Muscat: The Ministry of Housing announced the implementation of the national plan for the renumbering of different land plots in all layouts in the Governorate of Muscat as the first stage of the new national numbering system, which will include the rest of the governorates of the Sultanate respectively.

The new system depends on changing the drawing projection system from CLARK 1880 to WGS 84 by changing the old drawings into new drawings according to the new system and under new titles.

Eng. Mubarak bin Aziz al-A'amri, Director of Survey Department in the Directorate General of Urban Planning and Survey at the Ministry of Housing said, in a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), that the implementation of the national layout numbering system in the Governorate of Muscat aims at adopting the stages system in the layouts instead of the old box-based system.

He added that the new system is characterized by the possibility to locate the plot by Google maps, avoid of redundancy in plot numbers and serial numbers in the drawing, avoid overlapping of plots and create an integrated land data base, as well as setting up system configuration and linking it with the e-government.

Eng. al-A'amri pointed out that the system is characterized by producing more secure drawings that cannot be falsified or torn and is not easily affected by natural factors, in addition to the adoption of a common standard for the classification of service lines, which includes the layouts of these lines and their detailed descriptions, noting that coordination was made with specialists in Muscat Municipality to take advantage of this new address system, sponsored by Muscat Municipality.


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