ISG students visit Nasa space centre

Global exposure: The school team was invited to attend a five-day space school programme. Photo — Supplied

Muscat: A group of 30 students from the Indian School Ghubra (ISG), accompanied by their teachers T. Vijayaraghavan and Lata Saju, visited Nasa's space centre in the USA.

The team was invited to attend a five-day space school programme at the Houston Space Centre along with a tour of the Kennedy Space Station, Orlando.

The Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando serves as the premium space centre which holds the record to have slingshot the world's famous rockets and astronauts into space.

The students were able to experience the shuttle launch and see the vehicle assembly building along with launch pads that brought space to life for students.

At the Kennedy Space Station, the students saw America's gigantic space shuttle — Atlantis, which was just unveiled for public display the previous day.

The Imax Film — Hubble 3D — was the highlight of the entire trip that helped the students gain an insight into the world of space science and robotics.

The students toured the Johnson Space Centre where Nasa designed and launched Mars rovers, rockets and landers. They were fascinated as they moved through the Skylab-America's first space station. They also attended presentations on space shuttle and rocket construction by Nasa engineers.


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