SAI conducts workshop on moral values

Muscat: Serve And Inspire (SAI) Group recently conducted a workshop titled 'Life is a Challenge; Meet it', as a part of its endeavour under 'Educare for All' that aims at making  everyone to pursue the path of goodness in their life journey.

The programme aimed at enlightening the parents, with a variety in dwelling the topics, but tagging everyone on 'Values'.

It began with a short video presentation depicting the present day scenario with negativity at its peak. It also showed that there is still peace left in this world, to be retrieved
and rejoiced.

The underlined maxim was to unravel the issues in daily life on a strong foundation of values. In this demanding world, while confronting the provocations, how much are we able to be composed and carry on with positive energy and thereby make the surroundings positive. This was drafted with the caption: 'Values begin at home'.

Parents participated with keen  enthusiasm, wherein they were divided into different groups to discuss on questions relating to typical home situations, either between the spouses or with their children.


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