Two-thirds of work on Al Nuzha Gardens complete: Sohar Municipality

Sohar: Sohar Municipality said it is speeding up pace on the forestation and beautification plan of green areas and developing a number of gardens and parks in several wilayats surrounding Sohar.

The beautification project of Al Nuzha Garden, located near the towns of Al Sanqer and Amaq in northern wilayat of Sohar, was launched in mid November last year.

The Municipality announcement said 65 per cent of the project, which covers an estimated 33,000 square meters comprising irrigation network, canals and interlocks has been completed. It also consists of facilities like mosque, restaurants, cafeterias, kiosks, play areas, and toilets, spread across 280 square meters.

Sohar Municipality has already completed the beautification work of Al Manyal Park and Al Hambar Park in the wilayat of Sohar.


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