Malaysia hosts tourism meet

Muscat: The best aspects of Malaysian tourism, from scuba diving to medical tourism, were presented yesterday at a seminar hosted by the Ambassador of Malaysian in Oman.

The event, held at the Grand Hyatt, featured speakers who talked about Malaysia's growing tourism industry and what visitors from Oman can expect from a holiday there, whether it's for pleasure or health treatments.

The country's tourism has been booming in recent years, with 25 million visitors arriving already this year.

"Our brand is 'Malaysia Truly Asia' and with that comes a myriad of experiences that tourists can enjoy such as our multiculturalism, which many countries do not have. Malaysia has the distinction of being the only Asian country to be in the top 10 tourism destinations," said Dato Rstan Yahaya, Ambassador of Malaysia.

Tourists can find a variety of activities and facilities to indulge in  Malaysia, including luxurious five-star resorts, eco and adventure tourism, UNESCO heritage sites and medical tourism.


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