TAISM 'Wishing Tree' grants disabled children's wishes

Within five or six hours of hanging of wishes on the trees, all the envelopes were gone. Times news service

Muscat: The 87 children who are part of  the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disability (AEI) got a special treat thanks to the The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) who gave each one a gift after reading their wishes on a 'Thanksgiving Wishing Tree'.

Zuhal Sarikaya, a TAISM parent and volunteer at the AEI, organised the project. Each child had an envelope with their picture, name, and age on the outside, and three wishes written inside. The envelopes were hung on two trees at TAISM and people were welcome to take an envelope and grant one of the children's wishes by places a gift under the trees.

"The response was very good. Within five or six hours of hanging the trees, all the envelopes were gone," Zuhal said. "The pictures really touched their hearts. You can see they need help"
Students, parents and staff saw the trees and were immediately moved to help the children after reading their wishes, Zuhal said. While some of the wishes included future dreams of being doctors or teachers, others were simple wishes for crayons, balls and other toys.
Last Wednesday, just a day before the American Thanksgiving holiday, Zuhal and some of the students delivered the gifts to the children at the AEI.

Ahmad Dasan, a student of Grade 12, who volunteers at the AEI, said it was heart-warming to give a little more to the children than normal and to see the response from his fellow students and their parents at TAISM. "It's brilliant knowing that people really wanted to do this. Once the kids understood what was going on, the smiles on their faces were a beautiful thing," Ahmad said.


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