For family status, gross salary must be authenticated by documents

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My basic salary is OMR450 and the company is providing me accommodation too. But only my basic salary is deposited in my bank account. My company has provided me a salary certificate stating that my salary is OMR450 and OMR200 is for accommodation. Is this salary letter valid to get a family joining visa once it is attested by Chamber of Commerce and Indian Embassy as the new rules say that the gross salary must be OMR600. My wife is on a family visa. Can she get an employment visa stamped once she cancels the family visa in Oman and comes back from India?

The rule says that to be eligible for family status, one's gross salary should be proved by supporting official documents like Labour Card Data Form and bank transfer details. It is purely the discretion of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to consider your company's letter confirming your entitlements. From legal point of view, it is very unlikely that such letters will be considered by the ROP. Attestation by Chamber of Commerce or the Indian Embassy will not be of any help as they attest only the authenticity of the document without accepting any responsibility for the contents thereof. Nothing prevents your wife from obtaining an employment visa in Oman subject to the rules and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman even if she is on a dependent visa. She may be required to cancel the dependent visa and exit the country to join another sponsor for employment purposes.  

"It is the discretion of the Royal Oman Police to consider the company's letter confirming salary entitlements"

Recently, one of my friends had changed his job. His first employer had asked him to pay all the expenses incurred such as visa charges, flying-in charges, boarding charges and also asked him to purchase return ticket. Is there any law/provision to backcharge the employee and refuse him return ticket if the employee has not completed one or two years of the visa?

In recent years, many entities in Oman have been facing problems created by fence-sitters who utilise their employment with one entity for the sole purpose of searching for greener pastures or better opportunities. In most of the cases, the first employer was used as a platform for a better bargain with prospective employers. This has forced many employers to a formulate set of rules and regulations to prevent and discourage this unhealthy trend. Labour clearances in Oman do not fall from the skies. There is a cost involved in obtaining a labour clearance and in most occasions the employers have to satisfy some stringent conditions of the Ministry of Manpower.

Moreover, every employer who brings an expatriate (fresh appointments) brings with him/her unfamiliarity in the market and inexperience of the expatriate. The employer normally incurs costs for at least six months to train a newly appointed employee and to get him/her acquainted with the working and market conditions in Oman. There is nothing wrong in considering this period as a training period.

Many employers now put reimbursement of costs (if the contract is violated) involved in training as a precondition in the employment contract. There is no point in disputing this contract after signing and agreeing to the same at the time of appointment. There is no illegality in such conditions that make the life of the employers easier when they deal with perpetual fence-sitters who jump from one gate to the other in search of better avenues and opportunities.


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my brothers basic salary is 350 omr and his profession is brake mechanic and its our own job he is nt working under anyone he has his own shop....he wants to bring his wife and his son to oman....he is being in oman from his childhood,he did his studies here and nearby he is 25 years in parents are also here in oman from past 30 years....i juz wanted to know dat whether my brother can bring his wife and his son to oman in permanent visa and what is the procedure?plz tell me....

I heard that there is a HOLD on employment visa clearance for expat ladies as per the new rules. Could anyone advise that is it possible to get visa clearance for experienced expat lady engineers.

have changed any rules for family? and somebodies telling all new permanent visa for parents are not issued now. is it right?