Muscat Municipality opens Darsait flyover for traffic

The Darsait flyover and bridge. Photo - ONA

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has opened the new Darsait flyover and bridge for traffic. This will help ensure smooth flow of traffic and comes as part of the strategy for enhancement of the road networks in the Muscat Governorate.

The flyover connects the four lanes leading to Ruwi, Wadi Al Kabir and Al Mina Street and will considerably ease traffic in the area. The opening of the flyover coincided with the National Day celebrations.

After the opening, flow of traffic was smooth in the five lanes leading to Al Mina Street, Muttrah, Wadi Al Kabir, Darsait and Ruwi. The opposite side lanes from Ruwi and Al Mina Street leading to Qurum are expected to be opened for traffic by end of this month. A flyover will be constructed at the junction near Sheraton Hotel and another at Wadi Al Kabir Roundabout with two lanes in each direction. Over 60 per cent of the construction works of Darsait/Wadi Al Kabir Road Project have been completed.

The project includes construction of flyovers and other developments starting from the Qurum end of Qurum Heights.


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good for traffic flow in the city.