Parking in slots for disabled? Beware

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The ROP plans to double or even triple the fine — it's currently OMR10 — very soon. It has handed out 1,997 tickets to violators

Muscat: In order to safeguard the rights of people with physical challenges to special parking slots earmarked for them, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has not only been issuing tickets to hundreds of people trying to usurp these parking places but also plans to soon double or even triple the fine amount.

Even though it is well known that people with physical challenges are an integral part of the community and taking into account their circumstances, such exalted notions remain merely slogans when perfectly healthy people occupy the parking slots earmarked for the former.

The ROP has been busy lately, having handed out 1,997 tickets to such violators in the last three months, a senior ROP official told the Times of Oman. The official said police caught the maximum number of people in Muscat for stealing the parking spaces of people with physical challenges.

Now, anyone planning to illegally sneak into that parking slot designated for people with physical challenges might want to think twice since the ROP plans to double or even triple the fine — it's currently OMR10 — very soon.

Serious violation
The official added that illegal occupation of parking space for people with physical challenges is considered a violation just as serious as reckless driving, and the ROP will be intensely monitoring such violations nationwide.

Complaints from people with physical challenges had been pouring in, the official said. The move also followed directives from Lt.-Gen Hassan bin Mohsen Al Shraiqi, Inspector-General of Police and Customs, chairman of the National Committee for Road Safety, to respect and protect the rights of the people with physical challenges. As for the ROP and other government units' own vehicles abusing these parkings, the official said that the ROP considers such behaviour totally.

The ROP, represented in the Engineering department and in cooperation with the Muscat Municipality, is also strictly ensuring that parking places for people with physical challenges must be provided in the new buildings as part of approval conditions.

The police plan to launch a new campaign in the future to raise awareness about the issue, the official said.

The ROP has called upon the citizens and residents to feel an acute sense of responsibility towards people with physical challenges and respect their right to parking meant for them. Also, any violations can be reported to the nearest police station. The ROP has also advised the public to treat people with physical challenges as their equals.


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