Cellphone thief held in Dhofar region

Muscat: The Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department at the Dhofar Police Command arrested an Asian man for stealing cellphones from a shop in Dhofar.

The accused confessed to having stolen seven cellphones after breaching the rear wall of the shop with the help of a hammer and a chisel. He was referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

Award ceremony
Lt-Gen. Hassan bin Mohsen Al Shraiqi, Inspector-General of Police and Customs, will preside over the award ceremony for the winners of the Traffic Safety Competition next Sunday. The winners were announced at the Traffic Safety Exhibition held in November last.

Smuggling bid foiled
Personnel at the Customs Department at Wadi Jizi border post foiled an attempt to smuggle cigarettes into the country.

A total of 123 cartons of cigarettes were seized after they were found concealed in a very tight place in the vehicle. Similarly, customs officials at Wadi Jizi also foiled a smuggling attempt to bring in 400 cartons of cigarettes concealed in a vehicle.


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