Toyota’s executive vice-president praises Saud Bahwan Group

Mohammed Saud Bahwan with Yasumori Ihara and Koji Nagata. — Supplied pictures
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Muscat: Yasumori Ihara, executive vice-president and member of the Board, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) visited Oman accompanied by a high-powered team that included Koji Nagata, general manager — Sales and Marketing and Hiroaki Nanahara, general manager — Planning.

The executive vice-president was on his maiden visit to Oman " deepen the understanding of the evolving needs of Omani customers, get a hands-on feel of the Omani market and to take a
first-hand look at SBG's customer-care initiatives."

Visibly impressed with the economic development and beauty of Oman, Ihara expressed his admiration in glowing terms. "Oman is a beautiful country and its impressive achievements are a tribute to the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. This year, the people of Oman celebrate the 43rd anniversary of growth and progress under His Majesty. I am happy to have had the opportunity to visit beautiful Oman on this historic occasion."

Lauding the Saud Bahwan Group (SBG) chairman, he remarked, "Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan, you have taken the initiative in upgrading customer service by investing in human resources and in world-class facilities.

"Your company has been consistently rated amongst the Top 5 Toyota distributors in the world and has earned prestigious awards for outstanding performance. My heartiest congratulations to you!"

Earlier in the day, Ihara visited the various facilities of Saud Bahwan Automotive. The TMC team was very impressed by the iconic Toyota showroom, which is equipped with special zones, customer lounges/delivery bays and attractive car displays. Ihara lavished praise, saying, "This is the best Toyota showroom in the world." The Lexus showroom drew similar praise.

Finest in the region
Later the TMC team visited the Vehicle Distribution Centre (VDC) and the Accessories and Fitment Centre. Here the Toyota team members witnessed first-hand, the high quality of accessories and the efficiency in various processes related to their fitment. Thoroughly impressed, they rated it as being amongst the finest in the region.

Later in the afternoon, the team visited the Toyota Service Facilities and the Toyota Mega Body Shop. Applauding the ultra-modern facilities, Ihara remarked, "I am happy to say that Saud Bahwan Group's world-class facilities are based on the spirit of Kaizen and incorporate the latest standards for highly efficient operations, safety, training and other parameters. The impressive structures with modern machines, systems and methods derive their heart and soul from your committed teams having skills, attitude and passion. These facilities have helped Toyota achieve an altogether new level of customer satisfaction in Oman."

In his comments, Mohammed Saud Bahwan remarked, "It is a great honour and privilege to have with us Yasumori Ihara, executive vice-president, Toyota Motor Corporation accompanied by a high-powered team."

"Our facilities and investments reflect our commitment to customers.  I take this opportunity to assure you that we will continue our ongoing efforts towards ensuring even higher standards of customer satisfaction in the years ahead."

"I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Toyota Motor Corporation for the excellent guidance and support that is always extended to us. I am confident that we will continue to work closely together to further enhance Toyota's image and position in Oman," he concluded.


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