Media helps repatriate injured Bangladeshi worker

The injured worker, Abdul

Muscat: Abdul Kuddus Mizi, the injured Bangladeshi worker who has been bedridden in a hospital in a miserable condition for the last six months, would now be able to fly back home soon.

The Times of Oman's story about him was picked up by the Bangladeshi media and helped raise enough money for paying his bills and repatriation. The story  was published in Times of Oman in the last week of November. Abdul, the injured worker, was admitted to hospital in May after he met with an accident at his workplace in Amerat. He has been in a semi-conscious state since then.

Mishap at workplace
A piece of wood had fallen on his head at his workplace, leaving him badly injured. He remained in coma for a few months and his condition has improved slightly following medical treatment.

"He is extremely weak and has suffered loss of memory. As per the medics, his treatment is over and it is better to repatriate him," Mohammed Sanaullah, a Bangladeshi social worker, told the Times of Oman earlier. After the Bangladeshi media published the Times of Oman's story, four kind-hearted people in Bangladesh raised OMR2,234.056 (approximately $5,805) and have transferred the amount to the Bangladesh Embassy in Muscat.

Coordinating help
According to Mohammed Sanaullah, a Bangladeshi social worker who was coordinating help for Abdul, a sum of OMR1,550 was needed to meet the repatriation expenses in addition to the bill payment. Medics were advising that Abdul be sent back as soon as possible with the assistance of a nurse during the travel. A senior official from the Bangladesh Embassy in Muscat said that Abdul would be flying back home in the coming week itself. "Abdul will fly back home, thanks to all those who coordinated the help to send back a poor person who was stranded," the embassy official said.

Meanwhile, the Times of Oman Readers' Club was also able to collect around OMR600 after the story was published.

"We have raised OMR600 in cash after the story was published. Some kind-hearted people have assured us to pay some of the bills incurred by Abdul directly at hospital or hand it over to the embassy officials," Vinod Panicker, Chief Patron of the Readers' Club, said. "Anyway, the hospitalised blue-collar expatriate worker will be able to go home soon. We thank all those who extended help to a needy person. We will hand over the collected money to the embassy officials according to their convenience," he added.


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