Shivagiri XI defeat Challengers for title

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Muscat: Shivagiri XI recorded a 17-run victory over Billawa Challengers in an exciting final to lift the title at the Billawas Premier League at the Sojex Ground in Al Ghubra recently.

Earlier in the semifinals, Shivagiri XI, who were sponsored by Nama Projects/Ember Telecom (Uday Kumar), defeated Mumbai Billawas while Billawa Challengers downed Star Billawas.

Earlier, the tournament, which attracted eight teams, was inaugurated by S.K. Poojary.

Individual honours: Man of the final: Gitesh Sanil (24 n.o., 2 wickets); Man of the tournament: Sukumar Anchan (39 runs, 4 wickets); Best batsman: Sukumar Anchan (39 runs); Best bowler: Somanath Poojary (8 wickets).


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