Oman warns against use of ‘Oxy Elite’

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Muscat: The Ministry of Health has warned against using 'Oxy Elite', which is being promoted by some websites ostensibly to help in weight loss, though the claim is not scientifically proven.

The ministry has stated that such products cause very adverse effect on the body, including inflammation of liver. At least one case of death due to the use of this product has been registered in the US. In certain other cases too, users of this product have been admitted to hospitals for treatment and, at times, even required a liver transplant.

The ministry added that the product is not registered in the Sultanate and cannot be legally imported or sold through pharmacies.

The ministry has not ruled out the possibility of this product coming into Oman illegally, either through smuggling or some public enterprises importing it as a dietary supplement. Such products are being sold in shops, supermarkets as well as shops selling medicinal herbs.


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