Aamir Khan: I have no expectation from Dhoom: 3

Aamir Khan. Photo - Wikimedia Commons

Superstar Aamir Khan says he has no expectations from his upcoming film Dhoom: 3 in terms of box office business, but is concerned about how the audience will accept the much-awaited movie.

"I have no expectation from Dhoom: 3 (about box office collection). I am not thinking about all this. It is important that audience should have a great time and love the film," Aamir said.

"Audience is not interested in numbers (box office collection) and even so I am not interested in it. It doesn't matter to me. I believe films should touch your heart," the

actor said. "Films like Mughal-e-Azam, Pyaasa touched me. I think films should be about story, emotions and not numbers," he said.

However, Aamir is worried about the fate of Dhoom: 3 and hence, has started smoking again.

"I have started smoking again because of tension for Dhoom: 3. I did not smoke in the last two years. I had quit it. I was on strict diet. Now, I am not only smoking but also eating lots of food. I want to give up (smoking). I want to be fit. I will give up after December 31," he said.

The actor said he was "extremely stressed and nervous" about the release of Dhoom: 3 and missing working with his team and co-stars.

"From December 13, we all will be together again and encourage each other," he said.

For the film, Aamir got lessons in tap dancing from Australian choreographer and renowned dancer Dein Perry.

He flew to the southern continent to learn the dance from Dein, who had choreographed the Sydney Olympics opening act and Happy Feet 2.

The actor had to learn the 'grungy tap' dance which is high on energy and more difficult than the classic tap.

"I took 45-day training for tap dancing. I am not a dancer, I feel Hrithik, Govinda or Shahid would have done a better job than me. I still haven't got it as I didn't have the luxury to practice for a longer period.

I think to learn something like this perfectly you would need two years at least," Aamir said.

Aamir feels the mantra of promoting Dhoom: 3 should be to talk less about it and let audience take a call.

"We are banking on the creative side of Dhoom: 3. We believe in less is more. We don't want to go out and scream about the film. Today, the audience is intelligent enough to choose which film they want to go and see. We respect the intelligence of the audience. Marketing is something which is taken care by the producer and the director. If my suggestion is required then I give it," he said.

Aamir regrets that legendary filmmaker late Yash Chopra would not be there to see third instalment of Dhoom.

"Yashji won't be here to see the film and it is a huge regret. I wish he was here to see the film. I would have loved to see his reaction," he added.

Besides Aamir, Dhoom: 3 also features Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

Releasing on December 20, the film has been directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra.


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