Man on wrong flight delays take-off by 1hr

An aerial view of the Salalah Airport. Photo - File

Muscat: A Bangladeshi citizen boarding an India-bound Air India Express flight in Salalah created confusion, leading to delay in the flight's take off on Tuesday.

The passenger, who was supposed to board the Oman Air Salalah-Muscat flight, mistakenly boarded the Air India flight IX544 to Kerala, leading to confusion inside the aircraft and at the airport.

"The Bangladeshi passenger was supposed to board Oman Air and fly to Muscat, but he boarded the Air India flight to Kochi at 2:40pm. We all were wondering why a Bangladeshi had boarded a flight to Kerala with Oman Air boarding pass. Later on, we found that he had boarded the wrong flight and the crew had to send him back. Because of him, the flight was not able to take off in time. There was a one hour long delay. Passengers were irked over the delay," Muhammed Rushdi, an Air India passenger, said.

"It seemed that something went wrong while his boarding pass was being issued or checked," Rushdi added.

The Bangladeshi passenger had the receipt of the Oman Air boarding pass issued by the Air India officials.

"As the flight was full, we were able to spot the Bangladeshi passenger (left without a seat). All the seats were occupied and he was sitting on a wrong seat. If the flight had not been full to capacity, the Bangladeshi passenger would have landed in Kerala," Rusdhi added.


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Reader Comments

Interesting how the report and the Mohamed Rushdie imply it was the bangladeshi passengers fault. Imagine how irked he must have been.

All those checks and controls for nada.

How conveniently worded !! Make it sound like the mans fault.What were the bloody staff doing? Probably scared the poor chap half to death!