Interactive IT education programme shows positive results

The interactive method of the programme encourages students to participate in activities and even the academically low performers respond to the virtual classroom showing real capabilities. Photo – Supplied

Muscat: Microsoft Oman and the Ministry of Education recently awarded the winners of two pioneering education initiatives in Oman — 'Kodu Kup competition' and the 'Innovate, Teach, Inspire (ITI)' project.

The initiatives come as part of ongoing efforts of Microsoft and Oman's Ministry of Education to educate the community, especially young generation, about the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in building a knowledge-based society.

A team of three students comprising Shaimaa Hassan, Rawan Al Yafei and Ganahat Khalid, supervised by their teacher Ohood Al Yafei, won the 'Kodu Kup competition'. Their chosen subject was
'The preservation of water as a natural resource.'

Although each student worked on their project individually, they all focused in their games on raising awareness on water pollution and the need to preserve such a key natural resource.

Three teachers won honours in the 'Innovate, Teach, Inspire (ITI)' competition with each teacher presenting a unique idea for a  Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT). They each created a virtual classroom and encouraged students to engage and learn online. The winners were Ohood Al Yafei, Hanan Almamari and Fahad bin Nasser bin Ahmed Alglendani.

"I had a great time participating in 'Windows in the Classroom' and providing us the 21st Century skills," said Ohood Al Yafei, a 12th grade English teacher. "My learning experience doubled as I was supervising my students in their 'Kodu Kup' participations in addition to participating myself in the VCT project," he added.


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