Ten-year jail for Izki civic fraud accused

Muscat: A former municipal officer has been sentenced to 10 years jail and fined for embezzling funds and misuse of position.

The Nizwa Appeal Court announced its judgment against the accused after finding him guilty of fraud and misuse of official position under Articles 159, 160 of the Omani Penal Law. The court also fined him OMR91,002 and ordered him to pay all the legal fees.

This verdict came after Financial and Administrative Control authorities inspected the transactions of the Izki Municipality of the Directorate-General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, and found some irregularities in 2011.

One of the irregularities was that the accused had embezzled funds deposited for insurance by the contractors and individuals who have building permits to ensure the removal of construction waste.
The accused had altered some of the cheques received from the contractors and didn't register them in the municipality records. The Public Prosecution referred the accused to the competent court, which issued the final sentence. 


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