Labour law cases top 670 mark; 279 deported

Muscat: The weekly report of the joint inspection team at the Ministry of Manpower yesterday informed that the number of workers violating the labour law during the period from December 8 to 14 stood at 678.

These violators included 598 commercial workers, 41 farm workers and 39 housemaids and their equivalents.

The official statistics showed that 636 workers were detained by the authorities, including 204 absconding workers, 392 astray workers and 40 workers referred from other departments.

The Governorate of Muscat witnessed the largest number of workers violating the law with 182 cases reported.

Muscat was  followed by the Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah with 167 workers detained. The competent authorities at the Ministry of Manpower are taking the legal procedures against them.

Meanwhile, the Manpower Ministry reports indicate that 279 expatriate workers were deported to their home countries for violating the provisions of the labour law and the ministerial decisions executing the law.


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