Jail term for eight in fake parts case

Muscat: Muscat Primary Court has sentenced eight Asian nationals to one-year jail term each, and also slapped OMR7,500 fine and ordered their immediate deportation with no right to return. The case pertains to dealing in counterfeit automobile parts.

The decision came in the fifth hearing held by the court.

The court heard the testimony of German experts during the previous session in response to a request by the Public Prosecutor in the case, in which the eight Asian residents of the Sultanate were found selling fake parts and trading these as genuine. This nefarious activity was going on for 15 years.

The defendants were accused under three charges, including procuring parts from multiple sources at lower prices. The defendants were also accused of changing labels on these parts and selling them in the market without informing the consumers that the parts were not procured from the main company.

According to the Prosecution, 36,818 pieces of fake parts were purchased from multiple markets and the accused repackaged these and sold them under the company logo.


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Reader Comments

Better late than never, but I believe punishment should be tougher as I am sure the damage inflicted to the customers last 15 years worth millions!