ICAO hosts first rapid chess tourney

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Muscat: The International Chess Academy of Oman (ICAO) was established in Muttrah last Saturday with the organisation marking the occasion with the first Oman Rapid Chess Championship. According to information received from the academy, the championship attracted 20 best Omani chess players from across the Sultanate. During the inaugural ceremony, academy founder and owner Ameer Al Raisi made an 'emotional speech'.

Describing the start of the 'historical championship', he said: "This is a historical occasion because Oman finally has a place where all chess lovers can come together and share their common passion." The tournament was dominated by Shamas Salem Essa who won the championship with an impressive 6.5 points out of seven possible points. The second place was clinched Al Ansi Amin Hassan Rajap with 5.5 points and the third was place was claimed by Salem Ali Ahmed Al Mashikhi with five points. The top three finishers are Salalah's Al Nasr Club, who sponsored their trip to the capital. For further details about the academy, the officials can be contacted at omanchessacademy@gmail.com


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