CBO board to meet on December 23

Muscat: The board of Central Bank of Oman (CBO) will meet on December 23 with the meeting to be chaired by Dr Ali bin Mohammed bin Moosa, deputy chairman of CBO board of governors.

The board will discuss various issues, including an application to establish a new money exchange company in Oman, said a press release. Besides, the board will deliberate the issue of separation of investment activities from the banking activities and establish affiliated companies for this purpose by commercial banks.  In addition, the board will discuss the National Payment System Law.

Annual budget
The board will also discuss the CBO's annul budget and CBO's pension fund annual budget as well as the Bank Deposits Insurance Scheme (BDIS) annual budget for 2014. Besides, the board will discuss the proposal to increase the Central Bank of Oman's capital. 

The board will also deliberate the recommendations included in the report of the IMF and World Bank mission on the Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP) of Oman.


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