Contraband goods seized in Mabelah

The contraband goods and cash seized by the customs officials. Photo - ROP

Muscat: The customs personnel of the Royal Oman Police  arrested a person in Mabelah area of the wilayat of Seeb for selling fake tobacco, which is a contraband item in Oman.

The ROP seized 76 cartons of fake cigarettes, seven kg of 'afdhal', banned tobacco, and OMR15,000, which was the  proceeds from the sale of fake  cigarettes.

Similarly, customs personnel at the Kutmat Melaha border post foiled a smuggling bid of 1,350 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes. The fake cigarettes were concealed in a vehicle's trunk as well as in the rear seats. The ROP has warned that such fake tobacco is extremely dangerous to health because it contains fatal poisonous materials.


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