UK ex-envoys’ book launched

Running into nearly 350 pages, the book is priced at OMR15.900. Photo - Supplied

Muscat: A book titled 'Unshook till the end of time', written by two former British ambassadors to Oman, was launched in Muscat on Tuesday evening.

In collaboration with Gilgamesh Publishing and the Family Bookshop, Jamie Bowden, the incumbent British Ambassador, launched the book written by Robert Alston and Stuart Laing, both of whom had served as British ambassadors to the Sultanate.

Laing and Alston researched their subject over the years, assembling an authoritative history which runs from the earliest contacts dating back to 1646 till 1975.

"The research sheds new and clearly documented evidence on how the events unfolded. This landmark book will be vital to all historians, common people and to students living in Oman," Laing said.

Running into nearly 350 pages, the book features a chronological history of relations between the two countries. "We had released this book in the UK in September 2012 and now we are releasing this book here so that people of Oman can understand how deep the relationship between both the countries is," Laing said.


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