Sohar arms case accused acquitted

Muscat: Sohar Criminal Court has acquitted the nine Omanis who were arrested last July in connection with the alleged shipment of 30,393 pistols, which were discovered at the Sohar Port.

An ROP official said that the nine accused, who were working with the ROP, would be referred to a martial court for trial. The nine, including officers of ROP, were accused of facilitating the entry of the shipment by forging documents . The  shipment was headed for Yemen.

Duqm land case adjourned
The Appeal Court of Muscat has adjourned the Duqm land plots case to January 9 to allow the defendants' lawyers to prepare their arguments. The Public Prosecution charged the accused with having abused their power while distributing plots in the wilayats of Duqm. The Public Prosecution demanded the application of Article 160 of the Penal code, that provides for jail terms ranging from three months to three years.


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