A long journey to Brazil World Cup

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MUSCAT: With a passion for football and with an aim to give free education to the hundreds of children, a team from Kenya is touring across the globe. Interestingly, the tour that will cover 26 countries in 200 days will conclude in Brazil where the team will witness the football World Cup next year.

Speaking about the plans, Florian Keller, managing director of Enchanting Travels who is the leader of the five-member team travelling in two four-wheel vehicles, said the idea was developed after the successful road trip to Soccer City, South Africa for the World Cup in 2010.

The combination of love of football and travelling has made him grab the chance to explore as many places and interact with many people as he heads to Rio.

"This is a great opportunity for us to explore the world. In a way it was my dream and finally it is becoming true," said Florian, who arrived in Muscat.

Apart from supporting the poor children's in Kenya, the trip will also support the Memory Foundation, a project that offers people the chance to have their first photographs taken, printed and framed.

"Most of the people who are involved in this team are those working in my offices in Africa, India and Asia. When I had send an email to them informing about this idea, most of them wanted to join me and that support certainly helped me," said Florian, a German national settled in Kenya.

The seven-month journey will cover 40,000km before they reach Brazil. 

"Football is my passion and I follow the German national team. During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, I made a short trip from Kenya. But this is a bigger one and a challenging experience too," added Florian who will now go with his team to United Arab Emirates.

The team was given a warm-reception in Muscat by Mezoon Travels. Ibrahim Nalkhande, CEO of Mezoon Travels and Renny Johnson, executive manager also attended the media briefing.


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