His Majesty issues Royal Decree to standardize grades, salaries schedule for state employees

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said issued on Monday a Royal Decree No. 78/2013 on the issuance of the standardized grades and salaries schedule for Omani civil employees of the state.

Article One: The standardized grades and salaries for Omani civil employees of the state in the attached annex no. one shall be applied.

Article Two: Without prejudice to the provisions of article (45) of the Judiciary Authority Law promulgated by the Royal Decree No.90/99, and article (55) of the Law of the Administrative Judicial Court promulgated by the Royal Decree No.91/99, article (8) of the Public Persecution Law promulgated by the Royal Decree No.92/99, article (1) of the Royal Decree No.33/2013 regarding the medical professions and supporting medical professions in the governmental civil and military institutions, article (21) of the Banking Law promulgated by the Royal Decree No.114/2000, the schedule stipulated in Article One of this decree shall be applicable on all Omani civil employees of the state, while on non-Omani employees the terms of their contracts shall be applicable.

Article Three: The Omani civil employees of the state in service on the date of issuing this decree shall be transferred to the financial grades stipulated in the aforesaid standardized schedule of grades and salaries, according to rules and regulations mentioned in the attached annex no. (2). 

Article Four: The Chairman of Civil Service Council shall issue the requirements of the grades mentioned in the schedule referred to in Article (1) of this decree and until these requirements are issued, the current requirements mentioned in the existing job regulations shall continue to be applicable, on the condition that they do not contradict the provisions of this decree.

In all cases, the period of transfer to the following grade shall not be less than three years.

Article Five: All exceptions stipulated to the job regulations applicable on employees on whom the abovementioned standardized grades and salaries schedule shall be suspended until the issuance of the standardized Civil Service Law.

Article Six: Cancels all that contravenes with the decree and its attached annexes or contradicts with their provisions.

Article Seven: The Decree comes into force on January 1, 2014.


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Reader Comments

We thank for the increase of the salary for the nationals. But it is disappointing that the expats are excluded. I do believe the Sultan of Oman will consider the problems of expats and do very positive steps to promote smooth functioning of life in Oman. We are also having the same problems as nationals. If their standard of life is increased, and others are not given the benefits will make much difference in the society.

The house rent and other expenses have gone up since Gonu. It is very difficult to make both ends meet. Hence it is our humble request to increase our salary also to meet our basic requirements. Please dont ignore the expats, dont ignore the service they are doing for the country. We are invited by the government, hence do treat us in the right way. Please make sure that justice is done properly.

This is very strange that expats buy the same food, consume same utilities in Oman but when it comes to give salary raise they are singled out as locals are affected by inflation. It is sheer example of undermining and ignoring expats. What to say any more...

I m really very much dissapointed.Now i think better to move somewhere else where salary is gud.

To Canada it is, then.