ROP all set to crack down on double parking violators

Muscat: With the number of vehicles increasing, and parking lots falling short of the demand in the capital area, double parking, or blocking — parking behind an already parked vehicle — has now become a common practice.

To curb this menace, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) is going to implement the existing regulations more strictly as well as bring in new laws. Anyone found blocking other vehicles in parking lots or at any public place, without leaving behind a phone number, will be fined and summoned to the nearest police station, according to an ROP official.

Besides, any vehicle found parked for too long a period in a public place would be towed away and the owner would be slapped with a fine ranging from OMR10 to OMR25, starting next year, an ROP official told the Times of Oman. The official said the crackdown follows frequent complaints from citizens and residents.

The official also said that the ROP and other authorities were coordinating to bring in new laws on selling vehicles found parked in public parking places for very long periods. "New laws will regulate the sale of these vehicles by allocating new places for the purpose," said the official.

About motorists putting stickers on their vehicles — like the one for sale — the ROP official said any vehicle found parked in public place with sticker saying it's for sale, would be confiscated and a fine ticket would be issued.

Meanwhile, an official from the Muscat Municipality said abandoned vehicles would be towed away after the first warning. The owner of the vehicle would have to pay the expenses for the towing as well as a fine to the ROP. The civic body will not be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle in towing. The ROP recently passed a new regulation to curb any driver from parking in slots designated for people with physical challenges. The new provision will double, or even triple, the fine — currently OMR10 — very soon.


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Reader Comments

It is highly thanks to ROP for making such regulation. In this situation, I would like to bring attention for dumping accident vehicles in the resident parking, especially in front of our flat at Al Wadi Al Kabir, Bait Namah. More than two layer of accident vehicles dumped and we the residents cannot park our cars safely.