Oman news briefs - 24 December

Primary Court settles fire disaster claim  
Muscat: On the directives of the Omani Primary Court, Oman Fibre Optic Company and Muscat Insurance Company have agreed to settle the most expensive fire disaster claim in the Sultanate. Saurabh Mishra, Group CEO of Muscat Insurance Company (MIC), said, "We feel satisfied to have met our promise and have reached an agreement to end the dispute, to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. It involved huge underlying complexity and financial impact." Philip K. Philip, GM, MIC, said, "the agreement denotes our constant intent to remain customer centric and provide them with proper insurance coverage, even in the midst of such a challenging case as above." Mohammed Al Barashdy, CEO, Oman Fibre Optic Company, expressed his satisfaction at the progress in the case and said, "We are satisfied that we have managed to reach an agreement with the Muscat Insurance Company on the validity of the insurance policies at the time of the fire and we appreciate all the efforts that have been put in by different parties to conclude the settlement."

Ibri restaurant fined for  selling adulterated food     
Ibri: The Ibri Primary Court has issued its verdict and slapped fine on two persons of Asian nationality for serving food to consumers which had a lizard in it. This incident took place in one of the restaurants in the wilayat of Ibri. The court ordered the defendants to pay OMR500 for violating the food safety law and OMR200 to each of the three consumers. The verdict comes after the consumers reported to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection that they had detected a lizard, which had been cooked along with the food they had ordered. The three consumers were admitted to Ibri Hospital where they received treatment.

Sohar University students interact with Howard team
Muscat: A delegation of 42 students and six staff members from Howard University of the United States was hosted by Sohar University to promote joint research and interaction-based learning. The delegation had arrived here on December 12. The MBA and undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business took them on a campus tour, which was followed by mutual interaction. "I am impressed by the architecture of the Sohar University; it looks unique in itself," an American student said about the university premises. Some American students had their heads covered during their presence in the university.


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