Oman proposes to host Mena Special Summer Games

The Sultanate is hoping to host the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) Special Summer Games, the next edition of which are scheduled for November next year.
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Muscat: The Sultanate is hoping to host the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) Special Summer Games, the next edition of which are scheduled for November next year.

A proposal to this effect was made by Minister of Social Development Sheikh Mohammed bin Said Al Kalbani, in the presence of Minister of Sports Affairs Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al Saadi, during a meeting with Ayman Abdul Wahab, chief of Special Olympics Mena.

The meeting was held on the sidelines of the Mena Special Games (for bowling and tennis) being hosted by the Sultanate from December 21 to 26.

The eighth edition of the Mena Special Games, which Oman is proposing to host, will comprise 19 sports andwill participation of more than 1,000 athletes and officials from 20 countries from accross the region. During the meeting, the officials also reviewed the efforts being made by all concerned with regard to the Special Games in the region and the impact the Games are having on the lives of the disabled atheltes.

Meanwhile, chief of Organsing Committee His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said presided over the conclusion ceremony of the two-day Leadership Development Programme at City Seasons Hotel in Al Khuwair.

The programme, which attracted many  participants with intellectual disabilities and their companions, dealt with the ways to develop their interactive skills and the importance of training Tennis action begins.

His Highness Sayyid Faisal also visited the tennis courts at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex to oversee the proceedings and interact with the officials of the Oman Tennis Association (OTA) on the first day of tennis action. Salman Al Balushi, OTA Executive Manager and chairman of the championship Technical Committee, informed that all the arrangements for the tournament were in place. He said the organising committee has allocated four courts for tennis competitions while Oman tennis body also provided the officials from the OTA and the Sultan Qaboos University to run the tournament. On the courts, Omani players tasted success while competiting against some tough opponents from Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

Results: Men's singles Div A: Ayman Bait Makhas (OMA) bt Khalid Abdulhamid (EGY) 5-4 (7-4); Ayman Bait Makhas (OMA) bt Fawas Faraj Medit (OMA) 5-4 (7-3); Mustafa Ali Ahmed (EGY) bt Khalid Abdulhamid (EGY) 4-1.

Men's singles Div B: Mohammed Yasser (EGY) bt Asam Al Amri (OMA) 4-0.

Men's singles Div C: Ibrahim Al Koli (EGY) bt Sami Al Rawahi (OMA) 5-3; Nasser Al Baridi (OMA) bt Sami Al Rawahi (OMA) 4-2.

Men's singles Div D: Mogahid Al Sarhani (OMA) bt Abas Younis (IRQ) 4-1.

Men's singles Div E: Ahmed Beha (IRQ) Mohanad Faris Sorya 4-0; Mustafa Majid (IRQ) bt Mohammed Darwis (SYR) 5-4 (7-3); Ahmed Beha (IRQ) bt Mohammed Darwis (SYR) 4-1; Ahmed Beha (IRQ) bt Mahanad Faris Sorya (SYR) 5-3.

Men's singles Group A: Mustafa Ali Ahmed (EGY) bt Fawas Faraj Medit (OMA) 4-2; Raya Al Hasniya (OMA) bt Mary Magdi (EGY) 4-1; Wafa Al Amriya (OMA) bt Halima Al Rasdiya (OMA) 4-2.

Women's singles Div A: Mary Magdi (EGY) bt Wafa Al Amriya (OMA) 5-3; Halima AL Rasdiya (OMA) bt Rahma Khalid
(EGY) 5-4 (7-2).


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