Pakistan Social Club revives Quaid-e-Azam Trophy tie

Muscat:  The much-awaited Quaid-e-Azam Trophy will be revived by Pakistan Social Club (PSC) with an exhibition match between Oman national team and Combined Oman XI on December 29 at Mosa Ground I in Al Amerat.

"Quaid-e-Azam Trophy was one of the most sought after events on Muscat's cricket calendar for more than a decade in 1980s and early 90s and some top teams like PIA and Habib Bank used to come to Oman to take part in the prestigious event," SAS Bukhari, PSC General Secretary, told Times Sport yesterday.

"We are extremely glad to announce its revival with an exhibition match between Oman national team and a Combined Oman XI," he added.

He urged all cricket lovers in Oman, particularly members of Pakistani community, their families, to come to the ground and watch the top players in action in what promises to be a thrilling game of cricket.

Pakistan Social Club plans to organise the event on a bigger scale next year with a top team from Pakistan likely to take part.

Syed Jameel Zaidi, the chief coordinator of the event, said he was delighted and honoured to organise this prestigious cricket event which was once an annual feature hosted by the Pakistani community.

"I had played in almost all editions of this event as a player and captain for many years. It was an honour for the players then to play in this match, which had attracted players like Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad to Oman,"  he reminiscenced.

"This time we are making it a T20 match between Oman national team and a combined Oman XI which comprises of best available players in the country to entertain the crowd," the official  added.

PSC Chairman Mohammed Saeed Khan thanked Oman Cricket for providing Amerat ground for the event.

Oman national team will be managed by Jameel Zaidi while senior cricketer and journalist Shahzad Raza will manage the combined Oman XI. Match will be supervised by OCC qualified umpires Dr Manjunath and Ajit D'costa

Oman national team: Sultan Ahmed (captain), Amir Kaleem, Amir Ali, Ajay Lalcheta, Mohammed Nadeem, Zeeshan Maqsood, Khawar Ali, Sufyan Mehmood (Omani), Farhan Afzal, Syed Irfan, Nalinda Kularatne, Gayash Dias (Under-19 ) and Mazher Saleem.

Combined Oman XI: Arif Hussain (captain), Arun Poulose, Mehran Khan, Mohammed Nadeem, Moinud Din, Muthu Pandian, Mohammed Saeed, Waleed Al Balushi (Omani), Khalid Rasheed, Mohammed Idrees, Adnan-ul Haq, Bilal Khan and Mohammed Kaleemullah.


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