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Sometime back I read in a weekly magazine about "International Left-handers Day" that was observed on August 13. While going through the article I realised how much they enjoy their life like a majority of those who use their right hand for everything in life.

A young woman, who was known to me, applied for a job with my previous company had a bitter experience while attending the preliminary interview. She was writing with her left hand, and the manager who interviewed her felt that using the left hand at work may lead to less productivity.

On the second day, when she came to attend a test she was asked to make a sketch of something that has pole and cable installation details of a telecom company. The supervisor noticed she was using her left hand to prepare the drawing and enquired about her profile and previous work experience.

The woman approached the human resources department and sought an explanation of denying the job despite having the required qualifications and experience.

"Since you are following the left hand to write and to use the computer, we don't prefer appointing you for the job you applied for," he replied.

In spite of using the left hand for all her writing tasks, the female candidate had excellent handwriting and challenging drawing skills which were appreciated by many during her studies and the previous employer.

She was also fast in her writing speed and had an amazing talent in drawing pictures, maps and layouts.

The interview result was shocking. It was clearly marked in her interview report that since she was using the left hand at work, they could not confirm her employment as their principal company had set certain guidelines for candidates applying jobs with them.

According to her, she had scored all her best in schools and universities with her left-hand tactics. She had no other option but to forgo the opportunity.

Of late, I realised that a few of my colleagues also write and sign with their left hand! They even turn newspapers and magazines with left hand. However, I never noticed a fall in their personal performance and contributions to other business initiatives. There are plenty of famous people who are left-handed. One cannot ignore them simply because they follow a different writing practice.

The "International Left-handers Day" is a great opportunity to recognise such talented people. For them, left is always right!


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