Key tender for Ras Al Hadd regional airport cancelled

Muscat: The Ministry of Transport and Communications has cancelled a tender package for selecting a contractor to construct the terminal building at Ras Al Hadd airport. 

The date for opening the bid was fixed on December 9, but those contracting firms that bought the tender document have been informed that the tender has been cancelled.

The ministry, which is overseeing the development of three green-field regional airports and massive expansion of two international airports, did not give any reason for cancelling the much delayed tender. 

It is also not known whether the ministry is contemplating to redesign the terminal building once again or change the features of Ras Al Hadd airport, which will be a catalyst in developing tourism in the region. 

The ministry had earlier carried out a reappraisal of the terminal building packages of all three regional airports. The review led to an overhaul of the design of the terminal buildings of these airports.  

Sohar Airport
Meanwhile, the tender opening date for selecting a contracting firm for a terminal building of Sohar Airport has been further extended to January 13, 2014. This is the second time the ministry has extended the tender opening date of the much awaited airport project. 

As many as 15 companies have shown interest in participating in the tender. Baggage conveyor systems, passenger air-bridges, and modern air navigation facilities are important features of all regional airports, which are under different stages of implementation. A 25,000-tonne capacity air cargo terminal is also envisioned at Sohar. The three regional airports — Sohar, Al Duqm and Ras Al Hadd — will link interior regions with Muscat, and is part of a larger plan to meet the increasing travel demand from tourists, businessmen and local communities.

When operational, the Sohar Airport will also serve as an alternative to Muscat International Airport in the event of any contingency. The facility will support the growth of cargo, courier and passenger traffic across north Oman.


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