NBC signs three pacts for industrial growth

The National Business Centre (NBC) inked a pact with Deema for manufacturing fine jewellery. Photo — Supplied

Muscat:  The National Business Centre (NBC) recently signed three agreements covering its project plans. The new projects are related to powering industrial and community work to benefit from the NBC support.

The agreements involving major national projects were signed on Sunday at the NBC headquarters.

The companies with which the agreements were signed are Awtad International Company, which provides project management services and consultations for industrial projects and with Youth Vision Company, which delivers services to young people in the community. The third project was inked with Deema for jewellery and tableware, specialising in manufacturing and design.

The National Business Centre works as a base to support entrepreneurs and start-ups in order to achieve the desired growth in the domestic market and the access to competition outside the Sultanate.

The incubated companies have achieved the required standards to join the centre. Awtad International is a start-up company whose goal is to provide project management services and management consulting services for industrial projects.

The company was founded following an acute demand from local companies to improve their systems and follow new strategies so as to improve performance. In addition, competitive pressure in all sectors demanded establishment of this project.

Youth Vision Firm, established to specialise in youth work in the local community, is aimed at achieving capacity development, boost creativity and enhance awareness about various fields among the younger generation.

The third project, for which an agreement was signed by the NBC Incubation Centre, was with Deema Oman for designing and manufacturing fine jewellery. It is considered to be one of the successful projects with added value for the private sector.

The National Business Centre selected it because of its distinctive appeal as it endeavours to incorporate Omani heritage into different designs for both jewellery and tableware. Deema designs have received global acceptance, and it has implemented several design projects for leading British companies in addition to finding access to many opportunities for contracts in the Gulf countries.


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