Expatriate’s body awaits repatriation

Muscat: An Indian expatriate's mortal remains are awaiting completion of the required paperwork before his body could be flown back to his hometown, his friends have said.

"The body of Ashokan, 52, who committed suicide, is 'stuck' here due to lack of necessary papers. He hanged himself on December 25 in a store room near his place of residence," the deceased's friends said.

"Now, the necessary papers required to send his body back to India are lacking. We are trying to collect them but things are becoming complicated," they added.

Ashokan was working as a caretaker of a building in Al Khuwair.

"Ashokan was a good person. We don't know the reason behind his suicide. It was his roommate who found Ashokan hanging. Later, the police was called and the body was taken away," his friends said.

Ashokan hailed from the Indian state of Kerala and is survived by his widow and two children.

Meanwhile, social workers in Oman said that sending bodies back home is a very time consuming and expensive affair for expatriates, a major segment of whom belong to the working class.


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