Sohar Refinery to be temporarily shutdown for emergency maintenance

An aerial view of Sohar refinery. File photo

Muscat: Sohar Refinery will undergo a short temporary shutdown due an emergency situation in the Sour Water Stripper The Sour Water Stripper Unit is responsible of the treatment and removal of ammonia and sulphur components before sending the sour water to the main water treatment unit in the refinery. 

Sour Water Stripper is one of the most important units to collect and treat returned sour water from refining processes and is classified as one of the environment protection units. The maintenance team considered different ways and alternatives to carry out the maintenance without the need to interrupt the refinery operations. However, these options could have an adverse impact on the environment as well as the safety of our employees. Therefore, Orpic gave priority to people safety and environment and water resources protection and decided to temporarily shut down the refinery operations. 

Shutting down of refinery operations especially the RFCC unit is always known to be associated with unpreventable phenomena such as high flaring and noise. A high level of odours might be observed during the maintenance period due to opening of different parts of the unit that contain a mix of volatile treated materials that cause such odours. 

The shutdown is expected to start at 8am on Wednesday and the maintenance works are expected to be completed within five to 10 days. During this period, frequent shut downs and restarts of different units will be carried out until all units are stabilised to ensure that they can operate normally. 

The concerned team will carefully monitor all the maintenance operations and shall take the necessary measures to minimise the spread of unpleasant odours during this period.


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