MSM closes high on second day of the year

A view of Muscat Securities Market (MSM) in Muscat's financial district of Ruwi. File photo

Muscat: Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general index 30 on Thursday added 17 points, comprising a rise by 0.25% to close at 6889.38 points. 

The trading value stood at OMR11 million, comprising a decline by 32.77% compared to the last session, which stood at OMR17 million.

The report released by MSM pointed out that the market value rose by 0.14% since last trading to reach about OMR14.21 billion.

The report added that the value of shares bought by non-Omani investors reached OMR2,646,000 comprising 23.15%. The value of shares sold by non-Omani investors reached OMR2,912,000 comprising 25.48%. The net non-Omani investment fell by 2.33% to OMR266,000.


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