Court rejects bail plea of auto fraud accused

Muscat: The Muscat Primary Court has adjourned a case involving fake vehicle contracts, to February 2, to enable the lawyers to review and study the case-related file. The court rejected the request for releasing the six accused and ordered that they must continue to stay in the lock-up.

The court heard the case about how the six accused set up a fake company in Ghubra area of the wilayat of Bausher with the aim to defraud buyers.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants with fraud under the Article 288 of the Oman Penal Law after they misled their victims to believe that the company buys vehicles as an investment and operates these in various projects.

The defendants persuaded the victims by writing cheques in their favour until 2016.

700 victims
The number of victims is estimated at around 700, and one of them had bought as many as 52 vehicles.

The victims received the money through cheques for a few months only to realise the truth later when the cheques bounced.


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