Contest launched to give taxis a new look

The competition for designing the exterior of taxis aims to give these vehicles a new look. The Ministry of Tourism has announced OMR2,500, OMR2,000 and OMR1,500 as first, second and third prizes for the competition. Photo — Times File

Muscat: If a new trendy looking car with a taxi light atop whizzes past you on the roads and you do not see the traditional white and orange cars anywhere close by, don't be surprised. The Ministry of Tourism is planning to introduce a new look for the taxis soon. The Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with other government agencies, has announced a competition for designing the exterior of taxis to give them a new look.

The deadline for receiving  proposals is January 17.

In the announcement, the ministry said the competition was "an endeavour to provide quality services in the area of taxi transport and promote it in all its aspects."

The ministry is embarking on launching a new identity for this sector and upgrade and improve the services rendered by taxis administratively and technically, it said.

Three proposals
Omanis and expatriates can participate in the competition with a maximum of three proposals from each participant.

The ministry has invited designs in EPS or AI format and with 300 megapixel resolution. 

The designs should be in line with the general vision of the project. It should be clear in its features and depiction of the contents, and should be accompanied by a brief explanation of the design, according to the announcement.

Original design

It also said that the designs should be original and not copied or based on pre-prepared drawing models. Besides, the colours should reflect the Omani environment and preferences. The commercial advertisements are to be displayed on the rear doors of the vehicle.

The ministry has announced OMR2,500, OMR2,000 and OMR1,500 as first, second and third prizes for the competition.


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Reader Comments

Yes I agree with mr. Zamadh KS, we need to submit the design directly to the Ministry of Tourism or in the website? Please mention to this ads thank you...

Its very important to have proper taxi stands as lot of places taxis are standing near the junctions on shoulders of the roads blocking the view when you come from by road to main roads.

The important thing is to have the taxis metered like Dubai. What is the use of making the taxi look good, while the people are fleeced for nothing by the greedy taxi drivers?

Where and how to submit designs. Info are incomplete. Further details would be great. Thanks.

Before changing any exterior design efforts have to be made as to introduce commercially metered taxis in Oman..