Filmfare awards to take a look into Bollywood future

Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra at the press conference of 59th Idea Filmfare Awards 2013 in Mumbai on Monday evening. Photo - PTI

The 59th Filmfare awards this year will offer a glimpse into the future of Bollywood in a humorous way.

"Every year we try to do better. This year we will take a light-hearted peek into the future of Bollywood; may be of 10-20 years. The awards this year are also about commemorating and paying tribute to unforgettable stars, films, songs, dialogue and celluloid memories," said Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media, publishers of Filmfare magazine.

In tune with the futuristic theme, the award trophy has been digitally sculpted in 3-D. The trophy was unveiled today by actress Priyanka Chopra who, along with Ranbir Kapoor, will be hosting the ceremony to be held on January 24 at Yash Raj Studios.


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