Three Pakistani students die in accident, two critical

Muscat: Three Pakistani school students have lost their lives when a vehicle transporting them met with an accident near Qurum Heights this morning.

According to information available from Khoula hospital sources at 8am, three have been brought dead to the hospital.

"Three were brought dead. 26 are injured. Out of the injured, the condition of two is critical," hospital sources said.

The accident happened near PDO.

"I heard about the accident. I don't know from which location the vehicle was coming. I am not aware of the number of casualties. I am on the way to the accident site," Muhammad Zakariya Babur, Principal of the Pakistan School Muscat, said.


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Reader Comments

I don"t think we should blame the particular national.once the driver are not responsible,always happens like that.once again from my & my family have sympathies to those parents who lost their loved one.May Allah give saber to those parents who lost their children...Ameen

We pray not repeat like this incident to happen in the future. We all have to come together to find some solutions. I request ROP officials to keep eyes on the morning school bus, how they drive buses. It is very problematic manner. We all pray for the lives lost childrens for their magfirath and parents for sabar.

Preventive action from all the individuals at any point of time to addressed seriously by the concerned authority when reported then and there to avoid such incidence.
Its difficult to digest and recover from such incidence may god give full strength to the parents who has lost their kids.

Irresponsible behaviour of the driver. Its a mistake of an individual, Royal Oman Police will take care with the corrective action. No need to involve Nationality. Best of the Driving Instructors are in Oman ... you may note Ms. Lola Lula

The minimum age for school bus drivers should be set to 30.....the youngsters are aggressive and careless.....

Heart felt condolences to the families of these young buds. May Almighty give the families strength to bear this loss.

Appeal to the concerned authorities to bring in strict safety measures in regard to transportation especially for the school children.

I do agree with comments made by many of them , but what so ever parents should find safest options for their loved ones, must blame the offender. Authorities should take necessary precautions to prevent the re-occurrences rather cure .

i request all Omani residents please take care of our self in the road to protect ours-elf then we can save some ones life..if every one think our self then it will be little will encourage to protect some one who does not know anything about life who left us today morning god may keep their soul rest in peace...God should give ;mroe courage to their parents..teachers..

Please avoid the moblie while driving. Now a days drivers are very busy with watts app while driving.

Agree with Suri. IVMS and speed breaker must be implemented in all school buses both in school and private buses. The school management have to look into this. We all share the pain with the parents who lost the kids.

i am very sad to hear this news. the school buses should be equipped with mobile jammer.

The school buses and all private buses must be equipped in such a way that these heavy vehicles cannot go beyond 60-80 kmp, like the PDO spec vehicles. It is a crime to transport kids from Barka to Wadi Kabir every day - TWICE.

It is such a long drive and I bet the kids are exhausted by the time they open their books. My heart bleeds for the parents who lost their children today. Blaming the driver is not going to bring them back, but it will hopefully open the eyes of the authorities to seriously look in to the school transportation system which is Omanised.

The school should be given the upper hand to employ their own drivers of choice for their buses. The rash driving habits of Omanis cannot be changed - it will take years and decades to see some positive change happening on the roads. It is NOT cool to weave through traffic like some cool dude in Fast n Furious. The girls are no better. That happens only in the movies. In reality, it kills. May their departed souls rest in peace.

I fully agree with the view expressed by Mr. Milan Chatterjee. The School Bus speed should be restricted at the outset so that they can, in no way, increase the speed beyond 60kmph. Using mobile phones while driving the bus, which is quite obviously seen, should be made a punishable offense with permanent seizure of license. Any official calls from a parent can be attended to by the helper or attender in the bus so that there can be no alibis from the driver.

Extremely sad.My sympathies with all the parents who have lost their loved kids.I wish if the Govt.can introduce some speed limit for the school transporter buses.May god rest their soul in peace.

IVMS is the only option to control vehicles and am sure the ROP and concerned department will take this very seriously and they will save the society