Three dead, 2 critically injured in Pakistan school bus accident

Wreckage of the school bus. Photo supplied.
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Muscat: Three Pakistani students lost their lives this morning when a school bus transporting them met with an accident near Qurum Heights.

According to Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance, the bus, which had 38 people on board including the driver, collided with a parked truck on the road. Two other persons in the truck were also injured in the accident.

Authorities have so far confirmed three fatalities. Two persons are still in the hospital receiving treatment. Twenty two others suffered minor injuries.

"We rushed 7 ambulances on site to carry away the injured to nearest hospitals," Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance said in a Twitter message.

Pakistan School Muscat said it has initiated a helpline 93324277 where parents can get in touch with Mr. Mushtaq Hussain to find out the details of the bus accident.

Meanwhile, a Khoula Hospital source told Times of Oman that there is no need of blood donors at the moment.


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Reader Comments

May Allah bless berieved families ameen

We have all seen children unrestrained in cars and buses daily in Oman, it is a proven fact that seat belts save lives, so do paying attention on reducing speed, keeping mobile phones IN YOUR POCKET and a more thorough supervision of the skills or lack of skills of persons charged with the safety of Omans beautiful children.

in all the 4 years I lived in Muscat I would never allow my children to go to school on a school bus....its a travesty that this has happened but until things change dramatically in Muscat this sort of thing will most likely happen again...the driving is shocking and lack of legislation is endemic...

Very sad.So many times I have seen drivers using their mobile phones for whatsapp .Some serious action should be taken by the authorities so that in future such incidents are not repeated.

"may this sorrow not happens to any only those can imagine this loss who have children....every day they used to pray for the safe return of their every thing is for them only...these working outside their homeland, struggling for money, every thing...

It is really very unfortunate that such a tragic accident has happened to a school bus in the morning. Majority of the children are almost sleeping in the bus while going to school or retuning back. So sad to hear about this. May Allah have mercy upon them.

Ts really bad 2 c tht d kids r paying with theri lives for d rash driving of bus drivers..they should be chkd upon every tym by parents n some authorised person..
The gal who died was only hope of a mother she dint hav a father either...this girl had her engagement fixed in april..may allah grant ha mother with sabar
N d child named faisal is very critical n hez also d only child of his parents...
2 kids hav been taken for buryng in pakistan n d girl is being burried here

It was not first time because of rash driving and untrained drivers, we request to the authorities that they have to give traning the school bus drivers and the only authirised drivers and bus can do these duties. We also sagest that there bus are fixed with Max Speed of 60 To 80 Km per hour not more then that and a speed controller should be fixed in these buses.

As a parent I cannot imagine receiving a call to say my child has died. Inshallah we pray for the children and their families.

Please, please do something everyday we see the children standing, jumping around the school buses, drivers on their mobile phones etc.
We need seat belts on the buses all children should be wearing them. A camera on the driver to make sure they are not on their phone and also some kind of system to monitor the speed they are doing. If they are doing anything wrong they should be fined heavily or lose their job. There should also be a camera on all the children to make sure they are wearing the seat belts.

May god give patience to the families of the demised children of todays tragic accident. We pray to god for the injured children to return back to there family healthy and hearty.

American Lyceum International School, its faculty and students mourn this tragic event and stand with the families of victims in this disdainful event.
May Allah bless the departed souls.

What a terrible tragedy. We do not yet know the full facts but regardless of blame, the Ministry of Education MUST make changes.

Firstly, ANY bus company transporting passengers MUST have safety belts, especially school buses.

Secondly, only EXPERIENCED drivers, who have taken a more complicated driving test should be allowed to drive buses, and an age limit needs to be fixed. ON THE SPOT fines for drivers using their mobiles. School monitors on the bus. SAFE and road worthy buses. I see school buses being driven recklessly every single day, overcrowded, children hanging off the roof racks and out of windows, they are tossed about every time they go around a bend or over speed humps. Different school buses like to race one another. The MOE can make conditions which only allows buses complying with all of the above to be used in all schools..

God bless those who have lost their lives, May the injured make a full and hasty recovery and deepest condolences to those who will wake up tomorrow without their loved ones.

Its high time for the Authorities to implement strict Rules on the Commercial Vehicles ( Pickup 1 ton, Buses 15/26/30 S, Trucks) to have a speed limiter and IVMS system. This news is really shocking and hope this incident will be an eye opener for Authorities

May Allah give courage to effected families and good heath status to the hospitalized childerns.

i am ready to give my blood any time AB+ just prior to 1hour before information required,